What to Expect From a Bond Cleaning Company in Brisbane

Bond Cleaning Company in Brisbane

Whether you are occupying a dwelling or leaving one, you may find yourself in need of a bond & move in clean. Exit and entry cleans are the specialty of Bond Clean Australia. When you hire the professional team at BCA, you know that your residence will be clean enough to suit any landlord or property manager.


It's important that you don't allow the cleanliness of your space, or lack thereof, dictate whether or not your bond is returned. Not only will you need to ensure that your property is cleaned to a spotless condition, but you will need to provide proof or receipt of that cleaning. BCA is happy to provide you a receipt to hand your landlord or property manager.



When it's time to move out and secure your bond, be sure that these items have been checked off of your cleaning list:


  • Kitchen-Your kitchen has more areas to clean than you may think. Cupboards, ovens, ranges, microwaves, dishwashers, hobs, grills, counter tops, floors, sinks, skirting boards, door frames, and window ledges need to be wiped and polished.

  • Bathroom-You regularly clean your toilet. But do you wash floors, showers, shower doors, tiles, sinks, counter, skirting boards, door frames, and mirrors? BCA does!

  • Laundry-If your residence is equipped with a laundry, be sure to wash machines inside and out, wash walls, sinks and cupboards, and mop the floor.

  • Bedrooms-The team at BCA will make sure that your bedrooms are clean from top to bottom. That includes the insides of wardrobes and cupboards, the interior and exterior of windows, and even the ceiling.

  • Living Areas-All floors will be vacuumed and washed, mirrors will be cleaned and polished, dust, cobwebs and debris will be removed, and litters will be taken away.


These are just some of the things that will be completed by the experts at BCA. You know that you can trust the company to ensure that your residence is as clean when you leave it as the day it was when you moved in.



Once your bond & move in clean is completed, be prepared to take photos of your space. These can help solve disagreements as to the level of repairs or state of cleanliness should any arise. Your landlord or property manager may request that you walk through the property with them as they inspect the premises.


Get Your Bond Back

Once the inspection is complete and you have handed over receipt of professional cleaning, your landlord or property manager should willingly return your bond to you. If they do not, you have rights according to the law.


No matter where you live or from whom you rent, you do not want to lose the bond payment that you were required to give. Using a bond cleaning company like Bond Clean Australia will ensure that you get the entire amount of your bond returned to you without issue. We have services all around Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.